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Greg Hosharian - Biography

Musician, composer, conductor, pianist and orchestrator, Greg Hosharian began playing the piano at the age of four, when his father, composer/conductor Edward Hosharian, became his first music teacher. When Greg was 13, he studied under pianist Akiko Dohi and began to compose his own music, winning piano competitions playing both classical selections and his own works. He attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, where he experimented with different instruments and styles of music.

Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in composition from California Institute of the Arts and a Master’s Degree in composition and orchestration from California State University, Northridge.  Active in composing and orchestration, Greg creates soundtracks for film, television, animation and video game projects.  He also currently teaches music at Armenian Mesrobian School and College of the Canyons.

Greg has toured across Europe and North America as a keyboardist with the progressive rock band Redemption, opening for Dream Theater. He has also formed three bands of his own in which he plays the keyboard: Vendetta, Hosharian Brothers Band (in which his brother, Peter Hosharian, plays the clarinet) and Armenian Space Station. In 2009, Armenian Space Station performed an exceptionally well-received concert in Yerevan, Armenia. 

Greg started The Armenian Pops Orchestra in 2010.  The Orchestra made its much-anticipated debut performing the premiere orchestral version of Greg’s composition “Symphony No. 2 – The Waters of Lake Sevan” on October 24, 2010, at Zipper Hall in Los Angeles. The three movements depict a person’s fanciful dream through a three-day musical journey in this exquisitely beautiful setting in Armenia.

With the revitalization of the Edward Hosharian Scholarship Fund, Greg will continue to work closely with scholarship recipients, providing an avenue for the expression of their musical talents and incorporating them in future concerts.

Greg is in the planning stages of organizing a series of concerts incorporating all of the genres he is passionate about -- ethnic Armenian classical, chamber, jazz and rock music -- at various venues across the globe. These concerts, at which he will also perform, will showcase his original compositions.

Greg Hosharian - Resume


2009        Film Scoring and Conducting extension courses - UCLA

2004        Masters of Music, Composition - California State University, Northridge

2001        Bachelor of Fine Arts, Composition - California Institute of the Arts

1999        Music - Pasadena City College

1995        Los Angeles County High School For The Arts

Original Music Scores and Orchestrations for media: Film/TV/Video Games/Animation/Apps

(Confidential): (Educational App for iOS and Android phones and tablets)

Clef:   (Educational App for iOS and Android phones and tablets)

What’s Your Price: (TV, Radio and Internet commercial jingle, Infostream Media)

Homeland Built to Last: (DVD & TV) Fugitive Studios

The Buzz: (Jingle - HBO)

Cowboy Funeral: (Feature - DVD)

Sokora Refugees: (DVD/TV) Tokyopop Inc. (18 Episodes)

301: (Short - DVD)

Born Hye: (Feature Documentary - DVD, Local Theaters, Los Angeles) Born Hye LLC.

NASA Services: (Website Music for

Midnight Opera (Comic Audio Book) Tokyopop Inc.

I Luv Halloween (Comic Audio Book) Tokyopop Inc

A Guy Named Murphy: (Short - DVD and Netflix) Partners in Crime Films

Truth Or Dare: (Short - DVD) Partners in Crime Films

Initial D:  (Animation series) 14 volumes each containing 3 episodes – total 42 episodes.

Tokyopop Inc, U.S. Networks, Cartoon Network Australia, Netflix

Dark Forest In The Mountains: (Feature Documentary - DVD) (with new music) Arch Films/Invader Digital

Dark Forest In The Mountains: (Feature Documentary - Video) Arch Films/Invader Digital


• Director and conductor of the Armenian Pops Orchestra, a 35-piece symphonic orchestra

• Composer for various films, TV, animation and games as listed below

• Assistant to Film/Video Game composer Garry Schyman

• Private music instructor - theory, piano, guitar, voice, composition, music software and recording

• Engraver/copyist/editor for various composers

• Keyboardist, composer and producer for:

Hosharian Brothers Armenian Ensemble, progressive rock bands Vendetta and Armenian Space Station

• Keyboardist for ensembles and bands--John Bilezikjian, Redemption, Viza

• Honors and awards in piano and composition

• Solo concert pianist

• Piano accompanist for singers/vocalists

• Lectures at California State University, Northridge, UC Irvine, the Armenian Mesrobian School and several other art and music events throughout southern California. Lectures in ethnomusicology included:  Armenian music history, theory and instruments. They also included lectures of my approach in composition

• TA – Musicianship, California Institute of the Arts

• Professor - College of the Canyons and Armenian Mesrobian School

• Operator of a multi-track recording studio, Sounds 21 Music

• Producer of classical and ethnic concerts

• Recording artist (piano/keyboardist/composer) on several albums including classical, Armenian,

    ethnic and rock

Musical background

Classical, Orchestral, Chamber, Jazz, Classical & Jazz Piano, Progressive Rock, Rock/Metal, Armenian, Ethnic, Middle-Eastern, Film Music, Opera, R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap, Electronica, Electronic Composition, Sound Design

Software experience

Digital Performer, Protools, Logic Pro, Finale, Cubase, Sibelius, AVID Media Composer, Gigastudio, Peak, Symphonic Instrument, Sound Forge, Reason, Mach 5, Kontakt, VST Instruments, Live, Microsoft Office, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop


• Armenian Pops Orchestra - Directed, conducted and produced various concerts for a 35 piece orchestra at Zipper Hall in Downtown Los Angeles on various dates since 2010.

• Conducted a 15-piece symphonic orchestra at California State University, Northridge

• Support act keyboardist (Redemption) for Dream Theater’s 2007 US/Canada tour  (July-

  August) including the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

• Duet with Slash (Guns N Roses) 2008

• Armenian Space Station tour, Yerevan Armenia and London, 2009, keyboardist

• Redemption tour, Europe, 2007, keyboardist

Original compositions & orchestrations (concert)


Kinto Suite


Symphony No. 1 – Instance

Symphony No. 2 – The Waters of Lake Sevan


Piano Prelude No. 1

Piano Prelude No. 2

Piano Prelude No. 3

Waltz No. 1 – In the Forest

Waltz No. 2 – The 5/4 Waltz

Winter Along the Pacific

Waters of Lake Sevan

Theme & Variations

Path of Darkness



JazzProg No.1


Fuga No. 1

Invention No. 1



String Quartet No.1 - L.A. Rush Hour

Brass Quintet No. 1

Yeahh!! – For Percussion ensemble


Bassoon with Harp

Brass Duet (Trombone, Horn in F)

Woodwind Duet (Clarinet, Bassoon)

Today I Vow to You


Armenian Clarinet Solo No. 1


Ayline: Ayline (CD –2013) Sounds 21 Music

Viza: Carnivalia (CD –2011) Architects of Melody Records

Tanuki Suit Riot: The Edo Sessions (CD – 2011)

Armenian Space Station: Armenian Space Station (CD - 2009)

Redemption: Snowfall On Judgment Day (CD - 2009) Inside Out Music/Century Media

Redemption: Frozen In The Moment (DVD/CD - 2009) Inside Out Music/SPV

Hosharian Brothers:   Electric Kef (CD - 2008) Sounds 21 Music

Atlantis:  Ecstasy in Belly Dancing Volume 2  (CD – 2007)

Aravod:   Garmar  (CD - 2007)

History:  Volume 2  (CD - 2005)  BC Records

Through Different Eyes: ‘A Tribute to Fates Warning’ With Vendetta, Track 7, “Monument” (CD – 1998) Planet Sarcasm Records

Vendetta:  Vendetta 3  (CD - 2001) - Vendetta 2  (CD – 1999) - Vendetta 1  (CD – 1997) Sounds 21 Music

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts: Jazz Album (CD – 1995)